AFC Wimbledon 0 v 0 LUTON TOWN

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Absolutely incredible. You have to feel for Luton, they played their part in a fantastic game of football. Terry Brown hugs hero Seb Brown and the Dons fans and players alike are ecstatic. Jubilant scenes. I have to sign off as I need to do some interviews. Well done AFC Wimbledon. Heroes.

HE HAS SCORED HE HAS SCORED. Dons promoted!!!!!!!!!!!!

PENS: SCORED. 3-3 and Danny Kedwell can win promotion to the Football League for Wimbledon.

PENS: SCORED: 3-2 after four pens. Oh wait that wasn't to win it, but now Howells must score.

PENS: SAVED, Brown saves from Walker. Yakubu to win it for Dons. 2-2.

PENS: SAVED. Poor pen from Mohamed. 2-2 and we are back level after three pens each.

PENS: SCORED. Newton scores. Good pen. 2-2

PENS: SCORED. Anohter good pen, this time from Moore. 2-1 Dons.

PENS: SCORED. Pilkington scores. 1-1

PENS: SCORED. Great pen from Hatton, advantage Dons. 1-0 Dons.

PENS: SAVED! First up will be Luton's Lawless and Brown saves. WIMBLEDON 0-0 LUTON

PENALTIES: They will be taken at the end with the Dons fans behind the goal. Here we go. I am shaking.

FULL TIME: I don't think I have ever seen a game like this, so many chances have come and gone and it's ended goalless and we will have penalties. A few weeks ago Terry Brown told me they had been practicing penalties ever since the loss to Crawley in March. They should therefore be pretty good at them.


120 min: THAT WAS IT, THAT WAS THE CHANCE AND HE's MISSED IT. Yakubu muscles infront of Kedwell to get to Hatton's deep cross first and he has all the time in the world but heads wide.

119 min: Has a game ever had as many chances as this? This time Gleeson stops Yakuby scoring from a yard out and for a second you think own goal but it trickles wide.

117 min: This is ridiculous now. Tyler misses a Kedwell cross and Moore has the goal gaping infront of him but from somewhere Glesson's makes what could be a promotion-winning block.

116 min: A deep Luton corner gets all the way to Pilkington at the back post but it hits him and loops up into the air and Brown catches.

115 min: Surely this won't end goalless after 120 minutes. Luton guilty of overplaying a good chance now and Brown punches clear.

113 min: Terry Brown reacted to that chance by throwing his water bottle high into the air and then punching it on its way down. Very good technique.

111 min: Oh. My. Word. I repeat how is this goalless. Moore does fantastically to cut tha ball back for Mohamed who hits the post with his shot. So so close.

110 min: He is playing on though but shakes his head as he comes back on the pitch. 10 minutes for a goal or it is penalties.

108 min: YELLOW CARD. Straight after that Minshull is booked but I don't know for that, I still had my head in my hands after the Mulley chance. Mohamed is off the pitch getting treatment and he doesn't look good.

107 min: Oh my. Wimbledon will not have a better chance. Yussuff puts Mulley through and he opts to blast the ball instead of place it and the ball just smacks into Tyler who holds on.

106 min: No rest for the wicked, Luton get us up and running again.

HALF TIME IN EXTRA TIME: Not quite as breathless as the 90 minutes of normal time but still very very good. There's more apprehension out there now.

104 min: Oh my, Lawless comes close to scoring. Curling from distance just wide of the post.

102 min: There's a few tired legs and minds out there now. Kedwell has a go at Mohamed for trying to turn his man rather than just shoot. Wimbledon have been guilty of that a bit today.

101 min: We're passed the 100 minute mark as Mohamed goes on a mazy run down the left but just runs the ball out.

98 min: Again Wimbledon get away with a scramble in their box and get the ball clear. It's all Luton right now.

96 min: SUB: Luton make a change of their own. Gnakpa off, Newton on.

94 min: SUB. Indeed it is, Gregory cannot continue and on comes Minshull in an unaccustomed defensive midfielder role.

92 min: First chance Luton as Gleeson smacks a shot at goal from distance and it's not too far over. Gregory is manfully playing on by the way. How long until we see Jolley? Although Gregory just pulled out of a tackle with his injured ankle so it might be Minshull we see.

91 min: Here we go again then and I never want this to end. Apparently there was some crowd trouble down in front of me just now, I will do a Wenger and say I didn't see it.

FULL TIME: How has there not been a goal, it is incredible. What does Omar think? He thinks this: "Wimbledon have been both heroic and lucky not to concede as we hit 90 mins. It could be our lucky day!"

FULL TIME. Kedwell almost wins it with the last kick but his shot is well-blocked by Asafu-Adjave and the referee blows and we will have another 30 minutes. I have no problem with that whatsoever. What. A. Game.

90 mins: This is incredible. What a game. Both sides going for it, end to end. No caginess here.

90 mins: FOUR minutes for someone to find a winner. It should be Wimbleson's... Kedwell heads back across goal instead of at it. He was all alone at the back post. Waste.

89 min: oh my word. Walker's just gone even closer, rising to head a cross against the base of Brown's right-hand post with the keeper beaten. The ball bounces back to Brown though.

87 min: Oh my word Luton should have won it. Walker is through and Brown comes out and just about gets enough on the ball before getting the man but the ball ends up in front of goal and there's an almighty scramble with bodies flying everywhere and somehow Wimbledon keep the game goalless. I'm not really sure how.

85 min: Half chance as Hatton's corner gets to the back post but only hits a tumbling Yakubu and the ball goes wide. Better from Wimbledon, much better as Gregory takes aim with his injured right foot and skims a shot wide. Lutopn's keeper restarts play immediately. No gaps in this game.

83 min: Omar: "Luton fans are brightly kitted out in orange but deadly silent in last 5 mins. The opposite of Luton itself where its noisy but looks dull!"

82 min: Moore gets another taalking to that I think was 'one more foul and you are off young man."

80 min: YELLOW CARD. Moore stops Keane in his tracks and is rightly booked. Gregory is still struggling.

76 min: Luke Moore wants to score the perfect goal instead of just shoot and misses his chance by trying to pass te ball and getting it all wrong. Kedwell then rounds teh keeper out wide but his touch takes the ball out for a goal kick.

73 min: Gregory is back on with a heavily strapped ankle which he is going to try and run off. Wimbledon need him.

70 min: Almost an instant impact from Mulley as his curling shot is turned behind for a corner. Gregory was hurt in the build up to that and is getting some treatment to his ankle. Terry Brown has eveb gone to have a look, he was about to bring Jolley on I think but it will be Minshull if Gregory cannot continue.

68 min: SUB: Mulley enters the fray in place of Wellard, who even gets a standing ovation from his manager as he comes off.

67 min: Luton have a corner as Asafu-Adjave's shot is deflected wide but it comes to nothing.

65 min: Wimbledon are suddenly looking a bit dejected and flat. They shouldn't be.

63 min: What's that? You want more from the gospel of Omar, oh ok then. He says: "If we don't get a goal by 75 mins you can expect this game to get very tense and defensive. Such a big game for both teams."

61 min: SUBS: It's Gwillim that goes off, I guess he wasn't completely over his injury. So Johnson will go left back and Yakubu into the centre. Not great that. Johnson is a centre back not a left back. Luton also make a change, striker Barnes-Homer is on and Willmott is off.

59 min: Excellent defensive work from Gregory stops Keane in his tracks and he then sets the Dons on the offensive and Kedwell cannot get good contacy on his shot. Yakubu is getting ready.

58 min: And here's Omar's wise words: "Wimbledon have started the second half very brightly. Terry Brown must have said something Churchillian at half-time!"

56 min: Here's man in the stand Paul: "If it was a noise contest, the Dons would have won this game already." Considering there are more Luton fans that's not bad at all.

55 min: YELLOW CARD. Gregory nicks the ball off Lawless who then trips Gregory and gets booked.

54 min: 18,195 is today's attendance.

52 min: Good link up play by the Dons sees Moore in with a chance of shooting but it is blocked and then Yussuff wins a corner. Dons fans in fine voice now but the corner is gathered easily by Tyler as a rehearsed routine doesn't quite come off.

48 min: Good start from Wimbledon as Hatton gets to the byline but again there is no one busting a gut to get on the end of his dangerous cross.

46 min: What could be Wimbledon's last 45 minutes as a non-league club begins. Both teams shooting toward their own fans this half.

HALF TIME: Unimpressed by the press lounge food, biscuits, that is all. I get that at Kingsmeandow.

HALF TIME: No goals and not too many great chances but that was not for lack of trying, both teams giving it their all. Kedwell has had a goal ruled out for offside - which I still haven't seen a replay for - and Luton had two good chances themselves and were maybe the better team. Time to see what food the press lounge has to offer me. Half time 0-0.

45 min: YELLOW CARD. One last chance for the Dons maybe? Keane is booked as he clips a marauding Moore but Hatton wastes the free kick and that is that for the opening 45. Breathless.

45 min: Here's some more from Omar - "AFC Wimbledon full backs are very reluctant to go forward, clearly worried about Luton wingers. Plan A is direct to Kedwell who has done OK."

45 min: Approaching half time and Willmott fins space to shoot well over the bar from outside the box. There will be TWO minutes added on.

41 min: Wimbledon need a plan B, there not fashioning anything at the minute and all the neat passing is nto coming to anything. Luton are well organised. Here's something though... Hatton gets to the byline but no one gambles on a deep cross, chance wasted.

39 min: A word form Omar: "Martin Tyler is sitting a couple of rows behind me. He's not commentating; here as Kingstonian emissary?"

37 min: Tempers flaring as Keane goes in hard on Wellard, the ref deems it a 50-50 but Gregory doesn't and takes revenge on Keane. He doesn't get a card, which is a bit lucky, but Luton have another dangerous free kick that Willmott will take and it's headed behind by Stuart.

33 min: YELLOW CARD. Johnson goes through the back of Gnakpa, out of frustration more than anything else as Wimbledon again struggle to get out of their half. A minute ago Kedwell was clearly brough down on the edge of the box but the ref waved play on. From Luton's free-kick, Gnakpa pretty much has a free header but puts it over.

31 min: So half an hour gone and what can I say. Luton have stuck to their game plan very well, pressing Wimbledon all over the park but they can't keep that up surely? The Dons are a bit nervy in defence but have looked good going forward and should have a free kick did he not give that?

30 min: "Dons fans behind the goal singing their hearts out." From our man in the stands Paul.

28 min: Wimbledon again struggle to clear it and Hatton and Brown are lucky to get away with that. I don't know how the players feel but I am shattered already.

27 min: Stuart though is having a few nightmarish moments of his own and gives away a free kick there as he gets too tight. Willmott delivers and Brown punches out for a corner.

25 min: You were almost right Omar - Tyler has to punch Hatton's corner out from under his own bar. Hatton is not having the best of games in truth, he keeps getting shouted at by Stuart for leaving his post at right back.

23 min: Let's have some words from my colleague Omar shall we? He says: "It's been a frantic start to the game and could easily be 1-1. A goal is certainly coming soon!".

21 min: Excellent save from Brown, truly terrific. Gnapka does Stuart all ends up, hares into the box and opts to shoot from the angle rather than lay the ball off and Brown reacts superbly to tip it over. Excellent stuff.

18 min: Kedwell causes problems again as Tyler can't handle his dangerous cross and the keeper gets lucky - the ball hits a defender and rebounds straight to him. Crazy pace to this game, crazy I tell you.

16 min: Danger. Johnson trips Walker outside the box and this is a definite chance for Luton. But Willmott tries to curl it but only manages to send it a good couple of metres over the bar.

14 min: Kedwell lets Howells sneak away in the box and he gets a shot away that takes a slight deflection but Brown gathers at the second or third attempt.

12 min: This pace is so frentic I haven't had a chance to see a replay of that 'goal' yet. Wimbledon have lost their way a little since and Johnson has to make a superb last ditch tackle to deny Walker.

7 min: ooohhh. Kedwell gets the ball in the net as Tyler parries Mohamed's shot to him but he is flagged offside and the celebrations are cut short, much to the delight of the Luton fans in front of me and the aggitation of Kedwell.

5 min: But Wellard's delivery is over everyone.

5 min: Stuart get to it at the back post but is off balance and it skims off his head and wide. They have another corner now.

4 min: Gregory heads that behind for another corner and then Kedwell heads the next one up rather than out and Kroca heads it down and Wimbledon have a corner that Hatton will take.

3 min: Slightly shaky start form Wimbledon but it is a fantastic atmosphere as we break for some ballon popping before Luton win the first corner of the day.

1 min: And so it begins, Mohamed and Luke Moore get one of the mosts important games in football underway. Anyone nervous?

2.57pm: For pictures form today - go to!/WimbledonNews and!/OmarOakes. Omar is my commnetary buddy for the day and our news editor Paul is our man in the stands.

2.55pm: The players belt out the national anthems - much more so than the England players ever do.

2.53pm: A suited and booted Terry Brown leads out Wimbledon and nobody seems to know where to stand in the line-up. Quickly then, Luton are also unchanged from their semi-final win over Wrexham so line up Tyler, Gleeson, Keane, George Pilkington, Willmott, Kroca, Lawless, Howells, Asafa-Adjave, Gnapka, Walker. Subs: Graham, Newton, Barnes-Homer, Crow, Kevin Pilkington.

2.52pm: Team news - Wimbledon are unchanged so they line up Brown, Hatton, Stuart, Gwillim, Gregory, Wellard, Yussuff, Moore, Kedwell, Mohamed. Subs: Jolley, Turner, Yakubu, Minshull, Mulley.

2.49pm: Right, finally I am in my seat - it's not padded but it is better than the coach which took ages and then almost wasn't allowed in the stadium. Grr.

The start of the commentary has been delayed slightly as we are still on the coach - it's been a very very long journey and certain parts of me are sore now. Will begin proper commentary once in the nice padded (I hope) press seats at the City of Manchester Stadium.