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Mum About Town with Angellica Bell: 'If you have children, you have to make sacrifices'

Wandsworth Guardian: Busy mum: Angellica Bell.

5:00am Sunday 19th October 2014

This week, Angellica considers the choices parents make.

Bridge Banter: When Chelsea last met Crystal Palace the circumstances were very different.... oh yes

Wandsworth Guardian:

7:00am Friday 17th October 2014

Diego Costa, on target for Spain at the weekend, aims to help Chelsea avoid a repeat of the Blues’ setback at Selhurst Park in March at the weekend, when a John Terry own-goal ended a promising title challenge.

A good shout for sexy, fast-paced, buzzing, centrally located Vietnamese with a modern twist: Review of House of Hồ, Soho

Wandsworth Guardian:

9:00am Friday 17th October 2014

Food Bites: They’ve joined a few others in the quite recent trend of boozy and bottomless Sunday brunch deals

Plant broad beans now for a sumptuous spring crop

1:27pm Wednesday 15th October 2014

Who doesn’t love sweet and tasty broad beans, and I mean fresh ones of course, not those awful frozen kind?

Movie fun with Behind the Scenes 2

Wandsworth Guardian:

10:48pm Tuesday 14th October 2014

Some lighthearted images of movie actors caught on camera

Nature notes: Mandarin magic

Wandsworth Guardian:

9:10am Monday 13th October 2014

There can be no more colourful and outrageously exotic looking duck than the male mandarin (see picture).

Reviewed: Mr Turner (12A)

Wandsworth Guardian:

7:03pm Sunday 12th October 2014

Timothy Spall creates a wonderful masterpiece as Mr Turner.

Bridge Banter: Fight, fight, fight - I'd pay to see Arsenal's Wenger take on Chelsea's Mourinho

Wandsworth Guardian:

8:00am Saturday 11th October 2014

It could be television’s future. Pay-per-view fighting between Premier League managers.

White clouds on the march

Wandsworth Guardian:

11:52am Friday 10th October 2014

After several days of rain, it's pleasant to spot the more pleasant sight of small white clouds marching across a blue sky, so long as they aren't being followed by an army of rain clouds...

The food was mostly agreeable but the accessories to the experience let it down: Review of Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings, Clerkenwell

Wandsworth Guardian:

9:00am Friday 10th October 2014

Food Bites: It’s not a bad place to while away some time.

Beacons agains the grey

Wandsworth Guardian:

5:02pm Thursday 9th October 2014

One of my favourite sights from the 10th floor is the sight of sunlight catching the metal masts at Crystal Palace, especially against a grey sky like we had today. It's a little beyond the effective range of my lens but I still enjoy trying for the perfect picture when the conditions are right...

Growhampton: A very special thank you

Wandsworth Guardian:

10:01am Thursday 9th October 2014

It is with a big smile that I write this post, because our lovely Hive Cafe has just been announced as the winner of a 2014 Soil Association Organic Award under the Eating Out category.

Passing clouds

Wandsworth Guardian:

9:20am Wednesday 8th October 2014

The haze of last week is gone, blown away by brisk winds bringing rain and heavy clouds. This was the view from the 10th floor just before 9am and already it seems to be clearing up...

Reviewed: '71

Wandsworth Guardian:

11:09pm Tuesday 7th October 2014

A British chase thriller set in 1970's Northern Ireland

Rain in the west

Wandsworth Guardian:

5:54pm Tuesday 7th October 2014

Today has been a mixture of clear sky, sun and rain. There was another rainbow this afternoon but I had my nose up against a deadline at the time. However, this distant rain cloud was shedding its load below the sinking sun and casting remarkable shadows in the process...

Rainbow time is here again

Wandsworth Guardian:

4:21pm Monday 6th October 2014

As the weather deteriorates into autumn and the rain moves in, a rainbow appeared in the sky over south London. Sadly, my lens wasn't wide enough to get the whole sweep in a single frame so I concentrated on the ends.

Nature notes: Iconic flyers

Wandsworth Guardian:

8:54am Monday 6th October 2014

Having been a military aircraft enthusiast all my life, a trip to Hendon RAF museum is always revealing and interesting.

Mum About Town with Angellica Bell: 'There are so many places to explore in the UK'

Wandsworth Guardian: Busy mum: Angellica Bell.

5:00am Sunday 5th October 2014

Angellica enjoys some time away during the family's first 'staycation'.

Bridge Banter: The enigma that is Chelsea's Diego Costa

Wandsworth Guardian:

8:00am Saturday 4th October 2014

In Spain they call him “Que Crack”. It’s a curious, ungrammatical street phrase that can be translated as “What’s happening?”, or “Isn’t that something?” or, in a footballing sense, “That’s one fantastic player”.

Nature Notes: Richmond Park

Wandsworth Guardian:

12:43pm Friday 3rd October 2014

Both stags strut about bellowing, circling their conquests before approaching one another.

With price points like this, consistent and high dish quality, a central location and laudable service, there is little to argue with: Review of Picture, Fitzrovia

Wandsworth Guardian:

9:00am Friday 3rd October 2014

Food Bites: There’s a lot to like about this place.

The flying eye of the law

Wandsworth Guardian:

5:44pm Wednesday 1st October 2014

A police helicopter was spotted over Sutton this afternoon. Apparently, there was a drug raid taking place on the ground. Check the news section to find out what happened.

Pinkelicious Beetroot Salad

Wandsworth Guardian:

11:33am Wednesday 1st October 2014

Autumn has always been the time we associate with harvesting beetroot, but I also love to sneak in a few little new sowings at this time of the year.

The 2014 Capsule Basics - 'Must Haves' for your Schoolrun Wardrobe

Wandsworth Guardian:

10:11pm Tuesday 30th September 2014

Everyone's wardrobe requires some useful, practical clothes for everyday life....taking the kids to school or to chill out at the weekend...

Reviewed: Gone Girl (18)

Wandsworth Guardian:

9:49pm Tuesday 30th September 2014

Could this be Film of the year?

Where the countryside starts

Wandsworth Guardian:

9:25am Tuesday 30th September 2014

Looking over towards the hills south of Croydon, you can see hillcrests lined with trees. Seen in this kind of light, and framed this closely, there seems to be no sign of habitation at all apart from the bird flying into the frame... The countryside starts here - kind of...

Hiding in the haze

Wandsworth Guardian:

5:47pm Monday 29th September 2014

Croydon's towers were almost completely hidden in the early morning haze. The misty conditions hung about for most of the day.

Bridge Banter: Everyone wants to watch Chelsea play, irrespective of what, who or when

Wandsworth Guardian:

7:00am Saturday 27th September 2014

It’s a measure of how compulsive Chelsea are to watch that 41,000 filled Stamford Bridge on Wednesday night to watch Bolton being knocked out of the Capital One Cup.

Lunch was perfectly adequate, just not especially noteworthy: Review of Zucca, Bermondsey Street

Wandsworth Guardian:

9:00am Friday 26th September 2014

Food Bites: Carpet. In a restaurant. In this decade? It just doesn't sit right.

A grey start

Wandsworth Guardian:

9:03am Friday 26th September 2014

The air is clear and visibility is good, in spite of the lack of light under the grey cloud. Maybe it will brighten up once the sun gets a bit higher.

Back to School Shoes...for Grown Ups

Wandsworth Guardian:

9:10pm Thursday 25th September 2014

Style Theory: Shoes for autumn/winter are a major player in your capsule wardrobe. They need to be practical, comfortable and able to see you through all sorts of weather this country is likely to throw at us....the pointed loafer has come to the rescue...

A glimpse of the city

Wandsworth Guardian:

4:32pm Thursday 25th September 2014

After a week of hazy mornings, it made a change to be able to see the distant towers of the city today. There was a patch of light reflecting off the Gherkin and a nasty layer of brown smog...

After the rain

Wandsworth Guardian:

5:51pm Wednesday 24th September 2014

Today began with dash of rain. It had stopped by the time I got up to the 10th floor but the B&Q car park was clearly soaked...

Growhampton: Much more than just great organic food!

Wandsworth Guardian: Thrift Shop co-ordinators George Cole and Alice Larsson

4:05pm Wednesday 24th September 2014

Being a sustainability project, Growhampton is all about everything to do with upcycling.

Morning clouds

Wandsworth Guardian:

8:50am Tuesday 23rd September 2014

Today is the first day of autumn and I got in early enough to catch the sun working its way through the haze...

Nature Notes: Autumn

Wandsworth Guardian:

8:23am Tuesday 23rd September 2014

There is naturally a degree of sadness associated with the onset of autumn.

Autumn evening over Cheam

Wandsworth Guardian:

6:15pm Monday 22nd September 2014

The days are getting shorter, the evenings mistier, there will be sunsets at hometime within a few weeks...

Mum About Town with Angellica Bell: 'Having a great cause to run for spurs you on'

Wandsworth Guardian: Busy mum: Angellica Bell.

7:00am Sunday 21st September 2014

Angellica gets ready for her next charity fundraising challenge.

St Helier in the sun

Wandsworth Guardian:

2:05pm Friday 19th September 2014

St Helier hospital building appears fully lit from the 10th floor in the middle of the day. On hazy days like this it can look very striking against a grey background.

PAUL bakery branches out into a restaurant: Review of Le Restaurant de Paul, Covent Garden

Wandsworth Guardian:

9:00am Friday 19th September 2014

Food Bites: World domination can be achieved by the simple and time-honoured act of baking, it turns out.

Bridge Banter: Will beautiful game return for Chelsea-Man City clash?

Wandsworth Guardian:

8:00am Friday 19th September 2014

With both Chelsea and Manchester City faltering in the Champions League on Wednesday night, Jose Mourinho’s warning ahead of this weekend’s Premier League clash between the sides has an even greater ring of menace.

Fighting through

Wandsworth Guardian:

5:06pm Thursday 18th September 2014

The sun has made quite a good job of burning through the mist and cloud today - it was putting up a huge fight with this big bank of cloud to the west of Sutton this afternoon...

Battling the haze

Wandsworth Guardian:

5:28pm Wednesday 17th September 2014

The haze is still hanging about and seems thicker than ever today. The sinking sun seems to be making some headway as moves into thinner cloud but it could do with some steady wind to clear the air.

Growhampton: See Growhampton for yourself this weekend

Wandsworth Guardian:

1:03pm Wednesday 17th September 2014

If you have been following the Growhampton blog for the last couple of months, you will have read about what and how we grow organically. This Saturday is your chance to visit us.

In the season of mist...

Wandsworth Guardian:

6:02pm Tuesday 16th September 2014

The view from the 10th floor has been obscured by mist all day - apparently it has been causing serious problems in other parts of the capital so mind how you go on your way home.

Nature Notes: Surrey surprise

Wandsworth Guardian:

9:06am Tuesday 16th September 2014

There is a most attractive, very scarce and elusive late summer butterfly, namely the brown hairstreak, which flies from mid-August into late September.

Blue haze

Wandsworth Guardian:

5:51pm Monday 15th September 2014

This morning was very hazy but the sun has made its best efforts to burn through to produce a passable blue sky...

Bridge Banter: Chelsea v Swansea at the top of the Premier League, who'd have thought it?

Wandsworth Guardian:

6:00am Saturday 13th September 2014

At the start of the new season you would have got long odds on the chances of this weekend’s top-of-the-table Premier League clash being Chelsea v Swansea.

Light on All Saints

Wandsworth Guardian:

1:18pm Friday 12th September 2014

The light is patchy today, providing some interesting spots of light and dark across the landscape. In these conditions, features such as All Saints, Sutton, can stand out bright against the darker space behind. It's a combination of lucky lighting and being willing to look about and watch the sunlight moving.

It might look like a poshed up prison canteen, but who cares when what’s coming from the kitchen is this good: Review of Lyle’s, Shoreditch

Wandsworth Guardian:

9:00am Friday 12th September 2014

Food Bites: Things aren’t quite as they seem here, but what they turn out to be are all the superior for it.


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