On Thursday 29th March 2012 Primary Schools from around Wandsworth took part in the Wandle Trust’s ‘Trout in the classroom project’ which saw students releasing trout hatchlings, that had been nurtured in their classrooms, back into the river Wandle.

To help with the schools’ fundraising efforts Sainsbury’s in Tooting High Street donated £425 to the cause with some colleagues attending the day to see their donation in action.

Joining Sainsbury’s colleagues Rebecca Smith & Sharon Gould were Newsround presenter, Joe Tidy, and the Mayor of Wandsworth, Jane Cooper. All were good sports and donned a pair of waders before stepping into the river Wandle to assist in releasing the 1200 or so hatchling trout.

The day was a huge success and it was a privilege to be part of the 20 year old project which now sees brown trout thriving in the river Wandle again.

Based on information supplied by Rebecca Smith.