An exhibition featuring a wide range of automata and mechanical moving toys is now on display in Twickenham.

The display at Strawberry Hill House is titled Automata, a Collector’s Collection and contains traditional automata and mechanical toys from countries such as China, Germany and Japan.

Commercial toys from the 1950s to more modern pieces by leading British manufacturers will also feature.

The items in the exhibition, which began on June 16 and will run until November 9, are from the personal collection of Sir Nicholas Goodison.

Ex-chairman of the Stock Exchange, Sir Nicholas has collected automata and mechanical toys since 1953.

Along with showing the items inside the original 1700s glass cabinets at the house, a digital film of the toys in action will accompany the exhibition.

Speaking of the collection being displayed, Sir Nicholas said: "Strawberry Hill is a very special place and I am pleased to give my support with this exhibition of automata and mechanical toys.

"I hope that the exhibition will give visitors an insight into the contemporary craft of toys."

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