Croydon is set to star on the big screen once again as the town in the 1970s is brought to life in a film featuring Nicole Kidman.

Sci-Fi rom-com How to Talk to Girls at Parties, based on Neil Gaiman's short story about two teenage boys who find out that girls are very different from what they expected, premieres at Cannes this week.

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It stars Kidman alongside Elle Fanning, Ruth Wilson and Matt Lucas and is based on former Whitgift School pupil and multi-award-winning author Neil Gaiman's short story.

A-listers Kidman and Fanning were among the high profile cast members who were filming on location in Croydon.

FilmFixer manages Croydon Council's film office. Its director Andrew Pavord said: “We’re all thrilled that Croydon increasingly attracts A-list talent.”

Croydon’s College Green appears in one especially remarkable scene involving 80 cast members dressed as aliens.

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Mr Pavord said: “The shoot was a very welcome homecoming for the story.

"We were delighted to be able to support the production with some of its most challenging filming.”

Set in the 70s, the film brings together the punk element of the era with science fiction elements. According to Andrew: “The Croydon locations proved perfect and the area was more than able to handle the logistics.”

Kidman plays a punk queen named Boadicea, and Fanning plays foreign exchange student Zan, who turns out to be from outer space.