A couple of South Asians restaurants in Marlow have said that they have not seen a decline in sales following the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

The illness, which causes respiratory infections such as the common cold, has so far taken the lives of 1,384 people across the globe at the time this was published, with the disease spreading at a rapid pace across China.

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However, despite the illness taking over, The Giggling Squid on West Street and the Suum Vietnamese Kitchen on Spittal Street have both said that their ‘business hasn’t been impacted’.

Maliko Eung, who is the general manager at the Suum Vietnamese Kitchen said: “The restaurant haven’t lost any customers since the Coronavirus started to spread.

“Business has been good, and everyone has not really mentioned it to be honest.

“We have had a few Asian people come in and away from that, we’ve had a lot of our loyal and regular customers still come in, so business has been the same for us.”

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“We really haven’t really been impacted by it in terms of losing customers.”

In total, there have been 63,471 cases of the Coronavirus worldwide at the time of this article being published, with there being 1,384 deaths.

However, 7,177 people have made a recovery after they were diagnosed.

Currently, there are 55, 910 active cases across the country with there being 45, 298 mild cases and 10, 612 in a serious or critical condition.

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Additionally, national reports have highlighted that a number of Chinese restaurants have either closed or shut due to the outbreak.

Nelly Gerardo, who is the general manager of the Giggling Squid then added: “It’s terrible that it’s spreading but for us, we really haven’t noticed a decline in customers.

“In fact, over the last couple of weeks, we’ve actually got busier than what we have been before so it hasn’t affected us.

“We’ve had people come back during that time and whilst I think it’s a bit harsh that some businesses have shut because of what’s happening, but at the moment for us, we’re doing really well.”

For more information about the Coronavirus, visit www.worldometers.info/coronavirus.