The ‘Chicken Connoisseur’, a youngster whose reviews of London’s chicken shops have taken the internet by storm, has come to Croydon.

The new food critic’s assessments can be seen in a series of episodes entitled ‘The Pengest Munch’ (slang for the tastiest food), in which he visits eateries across the capital.

In the latest on his tour of London’s chicken shops, the Chicken Connoisseur visited Miami Fried Chicken in Cherry Orchard Road, near East Croydon station.

The three-star hygiene rating almost put the well-received critic off upon entering the restaurant, or as he eloquently put it: “Hygiene, that’s a different ting fam.

“You can make the pengest food but if there’s doo-doo on the floor, then there’s doo-doo on the floor… Man needs to fix up.”

Wandsworth Times:

The Chicken Connoisseur has more than 50,000 Twitter followers and his review of Croydon's Miami Fried Chicken has more than one million views

But all in all, it seems the restaurant went down a treat.

To sum up the youngster’s review, here’s a few key findings:

Chips – “This is one of the places where the chips were on point”. Rating: 4.2

Wings – “A couple of them were bless, a couple of them were dead”. Rating: 4.3

Chicken burger – “Breaded, peng. Seasoned the ting nicely”. Rating 4.4

The ‘whole ting’ – “It’s bless”. Rating: 4.2

Rajah Kanna, manager of the restaurant, said he has seen a significant increase in customers since the review – which has more than one million views – was uploaded.

He said: “We were very, very happy to have him come in. He’s really popular on the internet and people come in and mention him and the review.

“More people have come in since it was put online, I didn’t realise just how popular he is. We are happy with the review he gave us.”

The East Croydon restaurant was the first the critic’s reviews south of the river. It can be viewed on his YouTube channel.

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