'Ne'r cast a clout till May is out'. So runs the old adage.

Sound advice perhaps but I don't know if it is telling us to refrain from shedding our thermals or overcoats until the month of May is over or until may (hawthorn) blossom is 'out' in bloom.

Whatever the answer May is certainly the most colourful month of the year and my favourite, living up to its title of 'Merrie month of May'

Wild flowers and blossom are splendid this spring. Bluebells earn the vote for Britain's favourite flower but I love ox-eye daisies for their simplicity and beauty.

Known also as Marguerite, dog-daisy or moon daisy ox-eyes used not to flower until June but no doubt as a result of climate change we now can enjoy them from early May.

Motorway verges are already awash with them, not that we can appreciate the display when concentrating on driving.

The flowers are at their best when seen in drifts swaying gently in the breeze, often attracting butterflies and other insects(see picture)

The name daisy is a corruption of 'day's- eye' alluding to the golden centre like a small sun with dazzling white rays or petals radiating from it.

Many years ago ox-eye daisies were boiled and the extract used to supposedly care a range of ailments.