Saturday Kitchen aired on BBC One with the presenter, chefs and celebrity guest following social distancing rules.

Host Matt Tebbutt told viewers, shortly after kicking off the live show, that they were sticking to the Government guidelines.

“I want to reassure everyone that we’ve approached this show with the highest regard for health and safety for everyone involved,” he said, adding: “Abiding by Government guidelines and all respecting the distancing rules.”

Actress Liz Carr, who recently left Silent Witness, took part from her home and drinks expert Helen McGinn was involved from her own kitchen via a video link.

Carr, who uses a wheelchair, said: “I have been in lockdown since 11th March. So, if I’m a bit giddy it’s because I’ve got company… bring it on!”

The chefs picked ingredients that viewers had a “good chance of getting hold of”, or are more likely to already have at home.

Food featured on the show included smoked mackerel pate and a choice between vegetable pesto tart and a sausage, bean and cheese pasty that viewers got to vote for.