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Fizul .

Published on 25/03/2021

Remembering Fizul From far across the seas so blue, We came over to England, me and you. We worked every day, and did our best, To help our families, and all the rest. Life was hard, but our futures were bold, As we toiled & sweated, in a land so cold. We did what we could, and a lot more too, To help to make our families' dreams, come true. We shared so many years, whether bad or good, And cared for each other, as brothers should. Life is no bed of roses, a fact we well know, So we left warm Guyana, for the cold & snow. We made many plans, and shared many dreams, Of things for today, and lots of future schemes. God granted us many wishes, I know it is true, But now He decided, to call you into the blue. We were brothers & friends, from the very start, And your memory will remain, forever in my heart. Fizul, the sadness you left, is so hard to behold, But your memory shines, whenever your story is told. Everyone consoles us, and tells us not to cry, But my brother, it's so very, very hard to say Goodbye, And tears rain like Kaieteur, from each and every eye Your brother & your friend always Zainul


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