A convicted paedophile hacked to death in a suspected vigilante attack was entertaining girls in his caravan the evening before, an inquest heard.

Andrew Cunningham, 52, was found surrounded by a pool of blood, his genatalia mutilated, in his caravan parked in Riverside Road, Earlsfield, on December 9, 2008.

Westminster Coroner's Court heard police have been unable to find his killers, despite interviewing 800 people and offering a reward of £20,000.

Coroner Dr Shirley Radcliffe ruled today he was unlawfully killed, with police investigations still on going to find the murderer.

Following the gruesome attack it emerged Mr Cunningham was convicted of having unlawful sex with a 15-year-old girl in 2001.

Rumours also spread throughout pubs in the area he sexually assaulted a two-year-old girl, sparking beliefs it was a revenge attack.

The court heard the day before his death he was seen entertaining three 14 and 15 year old girls, although no accusations of sexual assault have been made.

Mr Cunningham's naked body was found the next day by his boss, who grew concerned when he did not show up for work at his haulage firm at 7am.

On entering the vehicle he found the lorry driver lying naked on his side on top of a blood soaked bed.

Detective Inspector Alison Hepworth said: "He found the door open, normally it would be locked. He saw him lying on the bed on his right side, there was blood all around him.

"He was covered with a blanket up to his neck, there was lots of blood around."

Dr Radcliffe read out a list of his gruesome injuries, which included stab wounds at the back of his neck, chest and arms as well as his sexual organs.

Police conducted a forensic search of the caravan, with three arrests made since the murder but the suspects DNA did not match any forensic evidence.

Mr Cunningham's sister, Sarah Jane Cunningham, queried the lack of CCTV and asked if internet trolls commenting on news reports were questioned.

She said: "I have been to the area many times and Googled the area, it's swamped with CCTV. Where Andrew was killed there was lots of CCTV.

"I am dubious as to why they were switched off in the area."

Dr Radcliffe said the case will remain open, as well as the ongoing reward of £20,000.

She said: "The file will remain with the police, we are aware of advances in forensic technologies. We can only hope for the families sake something will come up in the future.

"Andrew James Cunningham has died as a result of an unlawful killing, he has been unlawfully killed."