First brought to the stage in 1993, The Life of Stuff has been revived as part of Theatre503's Second Look initiative.

It has been largely neglected ever since, but the team behind it's latest run have breathed life back into Simon Ode's portrayal of the Scottish clubland underworld.

The play opens with raging drug-dealer Alec Sneddon (Ben Adams), complete with a live boa-constricter Delilah coiled around his neck.

As the plot unfurls we are introduced to eight characters preparing for the party of a life time in a derelict warehouse.

There is drug-dealer Willie Dobie (Gregory Finnegan), snorting his way through scenes, able to properly relax now his rival Sneddon has been taken after, with the help of his tenants.

Janice (Claire Dargo) and Fraser (Owen Whitelaw), are stuck in the basement waiting for their ticket out, unwillingingly having taken part in Sneddon's demise.

But underneath it all it is caretaker Arbogast (Cameron Jack) who appears to be the real mastermind, controlling how Dobie will become king of the drugs underworld.

Lastly there is his assistant creepy Leonard (Rhys Owen), accompanied by party girls Holly (Paula Masterton) and Evelyn (Pamela Dwywer) hired to clean-up before the party.

Anybody who partied their way through the 90s can easily identify to the party-girls, drinking, snorting and vomiting their way through scenes.

The space has been convincingly turned into a warehouse, with scenes changing depending on which level the characters are standing on.

This also adds to the dramatic tension, making the audience question where each character is as the plot unfurls.

Snippets of 90s rave tunes and acid house also reverberate around the room, truly adding to the transportation back to 1993.

The Life of Stuff does really have everything, nudity, drugs and foul language, making this only suitable for an 18 plus audience.

As tension builds the plot escalates into more violence, but it is not all dark and grim, with black humour creating some genuine funny moments.

With the 90s apparently back in fashion again, now seems an appropriate time to get back into the rave-culture spirit and embrace The Life of Stuff once again.

The Life of Stuff, Theatre 503, Battersea Park Road, Battersea, now until May 4, Tickets £15, doors 7.45pm, visit or call 020 7978 7040.