Wandsworth mums are demanding David Cameron protect children from pornographic images by forcing shop owners to move them to the top shelf.

The 'Child Eyes' campaign now has 6,000 signatures and began when a Local Mums Online blogger saw her three-year-old staring at a copy of the Daily Star with a half-naked woman on the front.

There was a huge response to this post from mums who were angry that these images are displayed at child height. Kathy McGuinness, founder of Wandsworth Mums Online, said: "I would like him to listen to what parents are saying. This is a child protection issue and he should act."

"We are not talking about censorship or banning images, just moving them out of children’s view when they're in a public space."

Mother-of-two Alex Hughes, 32, from Sutherland Grove, Southfields, said: "I support the Local Mums Online campaign because my kids have to see sexualised images at toddler height in so many shops in Wandsworth. I'm really sick of it."

Following government recommendations, Local Mums Online asked mums to press shop owners to move offensive material themselves but they were either laughed at or asked to leave the shop.

A disappointing response from the Department for Education said it was up to shop keepers to police themselves.

Department spokesman David Tate said: "The Government believes that self-regulation is the best way forward, rather than Government intervention with legislation, unless there is a very strong case for doing so."

Mrs McGuinness was angered to hear David Cameron respond to the similar page three campaign by saying it is the parent's responsibility.

She said: "How is it parent’s responsibility when it’s all over the shops? It's everywhere they go.

"How often do you think his children go into a newsagent to buy a pint of milk? It’s just not on their radar. You can’t protect them from what’s in a public space,"

"They’re not interested because it’s not part of their agenda at the moment. We need leaders that have the guts to stand up for women and children."