Mums and dads were left bitterly disappointed after Wandsworth Council voted to introduce charges for one o'clock clubs.

Parents who want to use three centres providing stay and play facilities will now have to pay.

Bolingbroke One O’Clock Centre, Windmill One O’Clock Centre and Coronation Gardens One O’Clock Centre will all be taken over by a private childcare provider.

King George's One O'Clock Centre, Fontley Way One O'Clock Centre, York Gardens One O'Clock Centre and Triangle One O'Clock Centre are to remain free.

Councillors approved the proposals during a children's services meeting at Wandsworth Town Hall, West Street, last night.

Before the meeting parents marched in protest from King George's Park to the town hall, pushing buggies and holding banners.

Children's TV star Peppa Pig also turned up to show support and keep the youngsters entertained.

Susan Hanage, founder of parents website, gave a deputation and described the service as a lifeline for parents.

She said: "You can come without your make-up, in scruffy clothes and without a designer pram.

"It is the sort of place you can get confidence, it is something you can't buy."

Full time mum Sheryl Matty, 38, of Neville Gill Close, Wandsworth, said: "The facilities should be free, because it is for everybody.

"If they can't afford the facilities these parents are forced indoors, nowhere to go, they become isolated.

"It shouldn't just be for the privileged, it is for everyone. Without it we lose a major part of the community."

Opposition councillors asked for the paper to be amended to assure parents the charges would not be higher than £1 per child.

But Tory councillors voted against the decision, with no confirmation given of how much the afternoon early years services will cost.

Councillor Kathy Tracey, cabinet member for children's services said the council needs the private sector to help provide obligatory nursery places for disadvantaged two year olds.

The one o'clock centres will provide care for two-year-olds in the mornings, with stay and play offered in the afternoon.

Coun Tracey said: "The government has changed the way it funds clubs, it wants early years provision provided.

"The children's clubs are expected to be the eyes and ears of the authority and health authority of the government."

The centres will continue to be free until August.