Putney High Street is the most polluted road in the borough.

Information released by the Mayor of London, following a request from campaign group Clean Air in London (CAL) shows Putney High Street, which often breeches European air pollution laws for Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), is the most polluted in Wandsworth.

Last year the congested high street was branded a 'national disgrace' by Simon Birkett, of CAL, with the Putney Society campaigning for improvements.

The A3 section between West Hill and Roehampton Vale is the second most polluted road, with Putney coming out as the most polluted ward.

The A217, at the junction of Old York Road, in Wandsworth, was the third most polluted, followed by Ram Street also at the junction of the A217, Wandsworth, which are both close to Wandsworth gyratory.

The fifth most polluted road for diesel vehicle emissions is St John's Hill, in Battersea, with the road regularly plagued by traffic.

Campaigners believe other roads in Wandsworth could be affected by pollution where there are no air monitors.

High levels of pollution have been said to cause cancer, as well as asthma and heart disease, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Hugh Samuel, from the Putney Society, praised Wandsworth Council’s decision to install an air monitoring station in the High Street, but highlighted that the contribution of measures aimed at bringing pollution in line with the accepted safe levels is small.

He said: "Much more needs to be done and there is little hope that European Standards will be met in Putney High Street until pure electric vehicles are introduced."

He also argued for the need to monitor emissions of small particulates, which are believed to be significantly damaging to the health of the elderly and the young.

Mr Birkett said: "People are being gassed by carcinogenic diesel exhaust across London. 

"The Mayor must up his game.  We need him to ban all diesel exhaust from the most polluted parts of London by 2020, including Putney High Street with two or more intermediate steps before then."

A Wandsworth Council spokesman said: "The council's air quality investigation has pushed Putney right to the front of the queue for green bus funding and we are now monitoring the impacts of this new investment very closely.

"Other initiatives include an engagement programme with local businesses to help them reduce the emissions and traffic congestion caused by deliveries, and an expansion of the Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme to help local people reduce car use."