Everest are a rock band who moved from Barcelona to Tooting earlier this year.
The handbangers talk to Alexandra Rucki ahead of their gig at Bindlesticks.

What can we expect to see during one of your gigs?

Fireworks! Stage diving! Dancing chicks! Lighting Fx!
None of them form part of our show. We are a humble band who cares mainly about the music and don't really focus on anything but it. Though when our budget increases we may include some of the mentioned above. You can expect a dynamic performance with roaring guitars that share space with and funky jazzy sax, a powerful rhythm section and the king of the jungle on vocals.

Who is in Everest and who plays what instrument?

It's Nathan Ridley on vocals, Roby Mono on the sax, Bill and Bosch are the bass and drum section, and Manu and Javi have a lot of fun playing riffs, chords, harmonies, ambiences and solos all over the songs.

Can you give a potted history of how the band came about?

The band was conceived when both guitarist and the bass player met at the High Voltage Festival 2010 on a rock n roll trip to London. They were stunned by the scene and through the week they jammed with an acoustic guitar, realising they had the same taste for blues and rock. Upon returning to Barcelona, their life was engulfed into the thrill of music and decided to start their most important band ever since.

Thus, the three started looking for a drummer to start rehearsing, meeting Bosch, who filled the mix with power and relentless grooves. The covers where soon left behind in order to write their own material, which springed from the band quickly into a psychedelic instrumental show.

Though they were looking for a singer, they came across the sax player Roby who fitted the style of the band perfectly, resulting in a funk and bluesier mood for the band.

A year after the instrumental line-up was locked, they happened to meet the singer Nathan on a gig from his former band 'The Lady Sounds' and literally fell in love with his voice. When 'TLS' split becouse some of the members where moving abroad, Nathan decided to give Everest a try and the band was finally completed.

Who are your biggest influences?

Our biggest influence is and will always be Blues-Rock. Although we mix our songs in a storm of styles, the thrill that the band releases will always have a tasty bluessy flavour with a delightfull dynamic. An example for this would be Led Zeppelin. We try to always experiment in other to get new kind of songs, influenced by lots of sources: from a flamenco guy Manu saw the other day to Bosch's last listening list: Funk Roots.

What inspires your music?

Our music is inspired in our day to day life, having some songs fuelled by anger or love. The bands we listen to vary in style from classic rock to stoner metal, through funk, blues and jazz; and we always look up to them as an inspiration. We want to give as much feeling as those who we've grown up listening to. Whatever happens to your live can be used as an inspiration. In fact, this city is already affecting our compositions in a vast way.

Why did you choose to move from Barcelona to Tooting?

There is a massive difference between Spain and the UK. Although music and culture is really important to both, the music scene from Barcelona is split between underground acts who struggle to get a gig and the commercial bands who get all the major shows though their focus isn't music.

Although Everest was sharing success through the underground scene, moving to London was appealing and a chance to take their music to a whole new level. The experience has been enthralling to this point and we're willing to keep growing music wise.

How do British and Spanish audiences differ?

It is hard to compare the London audiences to those back in Barcelona as we had a much greater following back home that always showed up to the gigs for some head banging. It's a big step moving to London, but with such a vast musical scene we need to start from the bottom. Still the British know how to "effin'" rock!  The main difference is the way they get to grow a passion for music. Nevertheless, a true music fan will be the same in Uk and Spain. Music can be understood as an universal language.

What are your favourite gig venues?

Our favourite gig venues are Rec on Fire in 'Igualada' (a town in Catalonia), where we are always warmly received (and they have a hell of a nerve) and Bindlesticks, Tooting Market, where we can chill having some beers and wines with you and your friends. We crave to play outdoor gigs.

Who would be on your dream festival line-up?

Led Zeppelin, Rage Against The Machine, The Meters, Paco de Lucia, Frank Zappa, Django Reinhart, ZZ Top and obviously, some special guests could be invited for the night: Bach and Mozart.

What have Everest got planned for 2014?

We are gonna gig, record and get ourselves out there as much as we can. We have a lot of material yet to release and constantly work on new stuff, so there's definitely at least one album coming for 2014! Oh, and we seriously need to find a manager!!

Everest, Bindlesticks, Tooting Market, Tooting High Street, December 7, 8.30pm-12am, visit bindlesticks.com