I would like to question the judgement of Tooting’s Member of Parliament, Sadiq Khan, now Babar Ahmad has been found guilty of running websites that allegedly sought to raise money, recruit fighters and seek equipment for terrorists in Afghanistan and Chechnya.

Mr Khan has been a vocal supporter of Babar Ahmad and his right to stay in this country, throughout the past decade.

He has not only defended the man but at the same time has continually called into question the judicial process of our closest ally, the USA.

Now this man has been found guilty - after a full and fair trial in the States - I would like Mr Khan to answer firstly, what his concerns with the legal process were and secondly, why he spent so much time campaigning for this man when he should have been representing Tooting in Parliament?

With a Parliamentary attendance rate of just 65 per cent, has Mr Khan been too busy on campaigns such as this to show up for important votes in the Commons?

I think we, as his constituents, are entitled to an explanation of his actions from Mr Khan.

Olivia Seccombe; Earlsfield

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