A son with mental health problems was found dead on his sofa by his mother after he overdosed on prescription drugs, an inquest has heard.

Richard Synnot, 25, of Inglis House, Whitnell Way, Putney, was found by his mother on December 3 last year.

On Friday Westminster Coroner's Court heard Mr Synnot suffered from a number of pyschological problems, including a borderline personality disorder.

The inquest heard Mr Synnot often displayed suicidal thoughts, but self-medicated using a potent mix of cocaine and alcohol.

Medical experts said he was in and out of hospital with depression, anxiety and insomnia problems since 2006 and was prescribed prescription drugs.

He was in regular contact with Wandsworth mental health services, but constantly turned down referrals to the alcohol and drugs misuse department.

Mr Synnot's mother Debra visited the flat because her son was not answering his phone.

She found him slumped on the sofa, unconscious, with the flat filled with faeces from his pet dogs.

A post-mortem revealed Mr Synnot died of a cardiac respiratory arrest but, despite the presence of prescription drugs in his system, there was no alcohol found in his blood.

Coroner Dr Shirley Radcliffe recorded an open conclusion and said he died from a mixture of prescription drugs.

She said: "I have to say I think it is a terribly tragic. Sadly he chose to disengage with the services because he persistently didn't perceive he had a problem with alcohol and drug misuse."