A writer’s debut play promises to be searingly funny and dangerously intimate, writes Sophia Sleigh.

Wandsworth Times:

Stuart Slade’s show, Cans, is about death, betrayal, cider and the possibility of forgiveness.

The play charts the murky areas that exist between us and the people we love most in the world.

Director Dan Pick and writer Stuart Slade met and formed Kuleshov in February 2013.

Cans was developed at Theatre503 from a short play called Of Mice and Len in December 2013.

The play tells the story of Jen, whose father was a chat show host, a national treasure.

But now he is dead and Jen is getting spat at in supermarkets. To make matters worse, Uncle Len has made it his mission to help her get over it.

Wandsworth Times:

Hiding from a hostile world in a garage, Len and Jen down cider, drown mice, talk crap, mend cats, share painful secrets, tell appalling jokes and try to work out whether either of them has any kind of future whatsoever.

Slade says: "What’s made Cans such a delight to work on is that it’s absolutely been a group endeavour from the start.

"I set out to write a two-hander specifically for Jen Clement and Graham O’Mara, and they’ve both been there from the very beginning - working on every aspect of the plot and characters, and contributing at least as much as I have. The parts are theirs, in a very literal sense."

Cans; Theatre503; The Latchmere, Battersea Park Road; November 4 to 29, Tuesday to Saturday, 7.45pm, Sun 5pm; £15 £12 concessions; 020 7978 7040, theatre503.com.