Cineworld Wandsworth is to release the award-winning international feature documentary, My Sweet Canary, from November 7.

Sirected by Roy Sher, the production focuses on the fascinating life of the iconic Greek-Jewish singer, Roza Eskenazi.

The film follows three young musicians, Mehtap Demir, Tomer Katz and Martha D Lewis, as they explore the musical journey the Queen of Rembetika made in her life, and the history of rembetiko music. Rembetiko, also known as the Greek Blues was inspired by the experiences of refugees, the unemployed, impoverished and criminal underclass.

Born in Istanbul’s Jewish Quarter, Roza led a fascinating life during a career spanning two world wars.

She survived an upheaval involving about 2m of the Greek-Turkish population, became a single mother at 15 and escaped persecution by the Nazis.

Mr Sher says: "The biographical portrait I had originally planned would be balanced and harmonised with a distinct musical path, sometimes playing in the background, sometimes surging to the forefront, but constantly present throughout the film."

Wandsworth’s release follows a UK premiere, in aid of the Leukaemia Cancer Society, on November 6 in Enfield.

My Sweet Canary is accompanied by a CD launch called Homage to Roza by Martha D Lewis at the London Jazz Festival.

The documentary has already been screened in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, India and Europe to great critical acclaim.