A traders' association developed this year in Battersea has been improving its local area.

Battersea Cross Traders Association is working to improve Battersea Park Road and Latchmere Road. Members call the area around the two roads Battersea Cross and said they wanted to make the area a destination for those living in and around Battersea.

One of the founders, Mark Howell, director of estate agent Aspire said: "In recent weeks, we have made real inroads with Transport for London (TfL) and we are delighted that the resurfacing of parts of Battersea Park Road has now been approved, along with the removal of bollards. This much needed work will go ahead this side of Christmas."

The group has secured agreement with TfL for the installation of the Christmas lights and raised £3,000 towards the cost.

For more information call Mr Howell on 020 7801 3400 or email battersea@aspire.co.uk.