A homeless Somali woman who was hospitalised on Monday has returned to the bench she called home for nine months to find it is no longer there.

Wandsworth Times:

The woman is thought to be in her 60s

The woman faces a night of cold without the comfort of the bench after Wandsworth Council requested its removal.

A spokesman told us today they believed the bench's removal was in the family's best interests.

The woman, who lived on the seat with her son, was taken to hospital suffering from cold on Monday evening.

Yesterday the public bench was ripped up and the holes filled by Transport for London.

Residents expressed their shock at the quick turnaround, with many criticising it as a short-term solution to the family’s problems.

This afternoon, just after 3pm, the woman returned to the empty space where the bench once stood.

Wandsworth Times:

The family pictured earlier this year 

The mother and son centred their lives around the public bench outside TK Maxx, in Tooting High Street.

It is understood the woman's son is in hospital.

Wandsworth Times:

The bench has now been completely removed 

More to follow.