Two of Battersea Power Station’s iconic chimneys look set to emanate steam, reminiscent of its industrial past.

Wandsworth Times:

This is all that is left of the south-west chimney

On a trip to the power station’s almost demolished south-west chimney the Wandsworth Guardian heard plans for the energy system which could see thin plumes of steam coming from two new chimneys.

Engineers told us on Friday, December 12, flue gasses would exit the south-west and north-east chimneys.

Meanwhile a public viewing platform looks set to be built on the very top of the rebuilt north-west chimney.

The chimneys have been badly corroded by sulphur in the coal smoke from when Battersea generated a fifth of London’s electricity needs.

On our visit we saw tiles line the inside of the chimneys and how badly damaged some of the towers were.

Wandsworth Times:

Inside the south-west chimney 

Each stack is being "munched" down by hydraulic jaws attached to a rig travelling downwards. Each chimney will be rebuilt in the same style and colour of the former stacks.

Tonnes of material is being gathered from the demolition and will be used for a purpose, as yet undecided, by the legacy team.Wandsworth Times:

The view from the south-west chimney 

Wandsworth Times:

The power station is being transformed into luxury apartments while the surrounding area undergoes a huge redevelopment.