The winners of an energy and climate change poster competition for London schools, were announced at City Hall, with a runner up from Putney.

The competition, launched in September 2014 by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), was to raise awareness and get debates going in classrooms.

It received more than 50 entries, only one entry per school was allowed.

Rosie Quick, 8, from the Falcons School for Girls, Putney, was a runner up in the five to 10-year-old category and won £100 book tokens and £500 for her school.

Energy and climate change minister Baroness Verma said: “We hope the competition has sparked debate on these important issues in the classroom and beyond. It's great to see so many pupils getting involved, and I would like to congratulate Rosie Quick from the Falcons School for Girls on her success."

The winners were announced at the event on Friday, January 30.