Tots and their parents raved the afternoon away at a children's party at the Bedford in Balham.

Parents were able to have a beer but the kids stayed on the soft drinks. 

Big Fish Little Fish (BFLF), a new craze adopted by the post-rave, now settled down, generation took place on Sunday, February 9.

It also marked the one-year anniversary of BFLF and was celebrated in style with an ‘enchanted forest’ theme.

DJ Christian Laing of Buttoned Down Disco provided the music and Sticky Beak Theatre held free workshops for the over-threes and craft activities, led by Captain Cookie.

The raves are hugely popular with a surprising playlist that includes songs by the Prodigy.

Anna, Rachele and Marco Montagner (above) at the Bedford and Elena and Mark Parsons (below)


DJ Christian Lang (above) provided the tunes as children, including babies, bopped away (below)

Harrison and Mark Arnold (above) and Steve, Reuben and Karen Ruddick (below)

Benedek and Andrea Privigyei (above) and Freya Briddon decorating a mask (below)

Oscar Duignan, Lumen Greenwood and Kim Wilden (above). Gracie getting her face painted (below)

Archie McKenna posting a wish note onto the wish tree (above). Below Herbie drawing an owl.