An Islamophobic mural likening Muslim women to postboxes has been scrawled across the side of a business in an affluent area of Putney.

The images and words appeared on the side of Morita Telecom Ltd, in Ashlone Wharf, on the Embankment, this morning.

Lee Barker, 25, from Surrey, a partner and director at Morita Telecom, said his 30 members of staff were all very upset and angry.

Managers at the telecommunications company have sent a member of staff, a Muslim woman, home after she became upset.

Mr Barker said: “We have ordered for it to be removed. I think what they are trying to symbolise on one side is a Muslim woman and the other is the postbox and it says the only difference is the colour.

“Especially when I have Muslim staff working for me, I don’t appreciate this kind of thing.

“I’m not sure if we are being targeted. I just don’t understand why it has been sprayed on the side of it.

"It is right near the entrance – where we walk in. I’m quite outraged.

“There have been a lot of problems around here recently – we had boats stolen, then cars being broken into. I’m not sure what’s going on.”

Mr Barker said they had reported it to both the police and the council.

We have contacted the Metropolitan Police for comment.

More to follow.

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