Like many people in Wandsworth and across London this week, I was filled with sadness when I heard the news of Councillor Knowles’ death.

Too those who knew of his battle with cancer you may be forgiven for thinking his death is no shock given how ill he had become.

But, that is exactly it.

Adrian had battled this vicious disease for so long with such bravery and courage that you had to be reminded that he was in fact battling cancer. I am not sure we will ever know just how ill he was.

However, I do know that if I face life with half the courage and battle Adrian had shown, then it is an unrivalled sprit.

I first met Coun Knowles back when I was student at Roehampton.

He tried to suggest I should become a member of the Young Conservatives. Colourful words were exchanged and a friendship was born.

What I will remember Adrian most for is his support to us at the Wandsworth LGBT forum.

He was a member of the group right from its early making in 2006 and maintained his presence all the way until January of this year.

Often critical, always supportive and never one to shy away from debate I always felt comfortable in the knowledge that we had a friend, and a challenger, in Coun Knowles.

Adrian was too ill to attend our last meeting, but it was a special moment when the group formally congratulated the marriage of Adrian and his dear partner, Chris.

It brought back the memory of only 12 months earlier when we chaired a meeting to decide if the group were in favour of the Government’s equal marriage bill.

Something I am proud to say we all supported and pleased that Adrian lived long enough to have that right.

I will miss you.

Chairman, Wandsworth LGBT forum