I noticed that Battersea Labour recently held a fundraising event with Labour MP, Tessa Jowell. I wonder whether Dame Tessa and the Labour general election candidate found any time to discuss the Labour Party’s plans for a mansion tax?

Dame Tessa has made no secret of her opposition to Labour’s mansion tax, calling it “a tax on Londoners”.

Other prominent Labour figures have said that over time the tax could easily catch homes worth much less than £1m. But, we have heard nothing from Labour’s election candidate for Battersea.

We know that Battersea residents would be very badly hit by Labour’s mansion tax.

In particular, it would hit many older people on fixed incomes, who bought modest homes many years ago for much less than their current values, with a tax bill for tens of thousands of pounds each year.

Let us not forget that the tax will not be payable when you buy or sell a house, but every year from the homeowner’s income.

In Battersea, the tax will hit family terraced houses, not mansions.

I think it is important that local people know what the Labour candidate’s views are.

Does he agree with London Labour MPs Tessa Jowell, David Lammy, Diane Abbott and Margaret Hodge that the mansion tax is bad news for Londoners? Or does he agree with Ed Miliband?

Come on, Mr Martindale – what is your view on the mansion tax?