Toward the end of last year a number of constituents contacted me to say they had been approached about signing a petition about “threats” to health services.

As part of the same campaign many people had political estate agent-style boards put in.

Understandably such talk about local GP services caused some concern so, in order to be able to respond to constituents accurately, I wrote to all the GP practices in our area asking them to confirm they were not closing down.

In their replies, they have confirmed there are no closures planned. I have also written to NHS England, which has confirmed that no local GP practices have plans to close.

You may have also read about the financial pressures on St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust.

Like much of our NHS, St George’s is experiencing pressures.

Its chief executive has confirmed the operational savings they have planned over the coming years will not affect the range and safety of patient services.

You may be interested to know that, as well as the extra £2bn for the NHS nationally, announced by the Chancellor in December, across the Wandsworth and Merton area the Government has allocated £8m extra for dealing with this winter’s pressures.

Since last year’s activity many people have asked what I knew about the campaigners who came to their door or leafleted them.

They referred to themselves as the people’s NHS and, having made enquiries, I have found this website is registered to the Unite trade union. They put up the boards.

This is what you may have seen referred to as “weaponising” the NHS.

Whatever the coming election brings and whatever others say, I promise I will never use the NHS as a political football. If you have any concerns about health policy, please do get in touch with me at the House of Commons.