Firefighters remain at Battersea Arts Centre this morning after a fire tore through the Grade II* listed building yesterday evening.

Wandsworth Times:

The glass dome at Battersea Arts Centre was surrounded by debris and ash this morning (Pic: London Fire Brigade)

This morning, London Fire Brigade (LFB) said firefighters had continued to work through the night and saved the centre's iconic glass dome from the fire which shocked the community.

LFB added the Grand Hall had been badly damaged but half of Battersea Arts Centre had been saved.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. 

Up to 80 firefighters from stations across south London attended the devastating fire at the Lavender Hill venue shortly after 4.15pm on Friday [March 13].

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Wandsworth Times:

The Wandsworth Guardian photographer captured this image at 9am this morning - 17 hours after the fire broke out.

The old Victorian town hall was approaching the end of a £13.3m restoration project which started in 2006.

Well-wishers have since set up a fundraising page to help rebuild the centre and the Salvation Army provided hot drinks to firefighters and those evacuated from their homes as the blaze was tackled. 

Speaking to the Wandsworth Guardian this morning, MP for Battersea Jane Ellison said the fire was "a very significant blow for Battersea's heritage". 

Ms Ellison said: “What is astonishing is the fire officers’ success in preserving the front section of the building. I think it will be possible for the arts centre to function again in parts of the building.

“This is a building that is very important to Battersea’s past and present so I am not surprised to see the support. It is the old town hall but in recent times, it has been not just an arts centre but a landmark in Lavender Hill. It plays a huge role and has a life of its own in the community."

Ms Ellison said she visited the centre this morning to see speak to fire officers and said the atmosphere was "very sombre".

She added: "People were walking past looking very shocked because when you see fire damage it is always more shocking to see it with your own eyes. Some people looked very upset, as you would understand. The scale of the damage to the Grand Hall is evident this morning.

“Trying to look for a positive in this situation, it is astonishing the fire officers have preserved so much of the building.

“I am sure Battersea Arts Centre really appreciate all the good wishes. Clearly there will have to be lots of detailed discussions about how the rest of the building can be made safe. But I think they need as much practical support as they can get."

Wandsworth Times:

Ms Ellison said she will meet with the Secretary for Culture on Monday to talk about the impact of the fire and find out what the Government can do to help. 

She added: “The arts centre is a regional and national icon and therefore it is, I think, important that we restore it not to just what they had before the works, but what it was going to be."

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David Jubb, artistic director at Battersea Arts Centre, posted on Twitter: "Thanks to all for offering support @battersea_arts. It's heartbreaking. But we will get through this. Brick by brick. Most importantly all ok

"Thank you all you amazing people on Twitter, you are lifting us all up, tweet by tweet #bacphoenix".

Celebrities, politicians, organisations and residents alike have all spoken out to show their support to Battersea Arts Centre. 





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