I am afraid that Nieves Carazo had some lapses in memory contained in her letter about the events at the Roehampton Partnership meeting last month.

The most important was about the alleged lack of opportunity to comment by members of the public. I remember distinctly that the chairman, Councillor Paul Ellis, asked twice if any members of the public wanted to say anything, and indeed there was such a question.

The second lapse concerned the composition of the partnership.

Nieves seemed to forget that my wife, Sue, came top of the poll at last year’s council elections for Roehampton.

No one could be more representative than her.

As for myself, I was the founding chairman of the partnership, 13 years ago, I represent the second largest community organisation, and I have been vicar of Roehampton for the past 19 years.

I have taken almost two thousand funerals here, along with hundreds of weddings as well as christenings.

I do know something about the people of Roehampton. Incidentally, the vicarage is worth about £1m, but unfortunately I do not own it or any other property, unlike Nieves’ husband, Steve Fallon, whom, I understand, is a prominent member of the National Landlords’ Association.

The third lapse is the fact that I never said that I was “frightened” to shop at Asda.

I go there often. It is just that it can be a bit of a trial if, like me, you do not own a car.

Heavy shopping and buses do not go together.

All this arose because I mentioned the need for an additional, larger supermarket here.

There seem to be constant long queues at all our present supermarkets, every day.

This is what I meant by “Roehampton cannot get any worse”.

On the contrary, I love Roehampton.

I would not have stayed here for the past 19 years if I did not.

Vicar of Roehampton