In the most recent Labour Party leaflet I have received through my door, the Conservative candidate Dan Watkins is called an “inexperienced Tory”.

I find this ridiculous for two reasons.

Mr Watkins has been a resident of Tooting for 15 years, and worked for the past 10 years with his own business in Earlsfield.

Mr Watkins knows what its like to run a business and create jobs in this constituency.

That is much more relevant than being a career politician like Sadiq Khan.

Mr Watkins has also worked tirelessly in our community as a volunteer.

He has set up the Love Your Local awards, recognition for local shops and businesses, saved the Romany scout site and helped to get the Wheatsheaf pub registered as Tooting’s first asset of community value (incidentally things which Sadiq Khan takes the credit for in other campaign literature).

On the very same leaflet, Mr Khan endorses Ed Miliband as the man to be our next Prime Minister, a man who has never even had a real job outside of politics.

How can he claim Dan Watkins is inexperienced when the leader of his own party has such woeful credentials?

It would seem inexperienced is a more fitting description for Mr Miliband.

Wandsworth Common