I write as specialist registrar doctor in emergency medicine working in south London accident and emergency departments for several years.

This May 7, the general election provides an opportunity to pass verdict on the previous Governement’s stewardship of the NHS, in particular its inability to support our accident and emergencies to serve our local communities. Patients waiting longer to see doctors in A&E, our most frail are failed by the withdrawal of social services no longer being provided due to Government cuts, thus remaining in hospital rather than their homes and patients consistently attend A&E due to the lack of GP appointments.

All these problems were predicted and the Government was warned; yet they proceeded.

Something needs to change.

In a recent article in your paper you highlighted the £10m shortfall in the budget for St George’s NHS Foundation Trust.

Dan Watkins, Conservative candidate for Tooting, in the same article backs St George’s management in reversing this.

Yet, he also backs the changes by the previous Conservative-led government that imposed the costly £3bn reorganistation, the cutting of funds to A&Es, and the introduction of the calamitous 111 phone service.

The NHS is determined to provide top quality care despite these imposed challenges. In order to do so they must be supported by government, a Labour government.

I hope the residents of Tooting will re-elect local MP Sadiq Khan and reward his hard work, commitment and championing of St George’s and the wider NHS.

Registrar, emergency medicine Tooting