The gentrification of Wandsworth is no more evident than in the number of estate agents pitching up in its high streets.

The brighter borough has second highest number of estate agents in London, totalling 153, according to HouseSimple.

All together seven boroughs have more than 100 and Westminster has the most with 179 branches.

Tower Hamlets has 131, Kensington and Chelsea 127 and Barnet has 122 estate agents.

The online estate agent found Greater London had a total of more than 2,600 high street estate agents.

Alex Gosling, chief executive of online estate agents HouseSimple, said: "London high streets are literally paved with property gold. While small independent retailers are being pushed out by rising rents, estate agents are securing the best spots on the high street and filling their pockets - last year to the tune of more than £1bn in fees."

Will Martindale, Battersea's Labour parliamentary candidate, said: "You don't have to walk too far along Northcote Road or Lavender Hill before you realise there are too many estate agents in Battersea."

Labour parliamentary candidate Sadiq Khan added: "What happened to diversity on our high streets? This is exactly why I launched my Save Our High Street campaign - to call on the government to give more power to local councils so they can control the type of shops that open - and make sure we have a good variety of shops in our community."