Help preserve Wandsworth Park.

I write to express my concern regarding yet more plans from the council to light up Wandsworth Park, our cherished local Grade II listed park that opened in 1903.

The park is nicely landscaped, features lovely sculptures and is a haven for local residents, whether to just take a stroll, walk the dog, have a round of minigolf or use the sporting facilities.

The council is now proposing to install lights along the riverside walk that would pose a security risk at night as this walk is remote from the main road.

The path might be lit up by LED lights, but the rest of the park will be dark and individuals would be a long way from any help or assistance.

Moreover, encouraging night time use of the park will be a security and nuisance issue for residents in the blocks and houseboats nearby.

Have the risks to local biodiversity and bird life been considered?

As local residents, my family and I cherish our local park just as it is, please do not let them ruin it.