I read, with interest, the letters from Dr McLaughlin, Jane Eades and Eleanor Rostron in the Wandsworth Guardian dated April 9, 2015.

I understand and respect everyone’s views, but there are a few additional points I would like to make.

Ms Rostron is absolutely correct when she states that Sadiq Khan is a career politician, much like Ed Balls. How can someone simply represent us because they live or have lived in the area without any real experience of the struggles and issues that face everyday people when they have not faced them themselves?

As critical as Sadiq Khan is of the Conservatives, he should simply compare the services, the infrastructure and the council tax, among other things, between Wandsworth and our neighbours in Lambeth.

I know I lived in Lambeth for 12 years and the comparison to the past two years in Wandsworth is unbelievable on every level.

Indeed, I also agree Mr Khan is the first to jump on the bandwagon of any local issues without being at the forefront of them – saving the Wheatsheaf being the key example.

He does not respond to his local constituents’ requests for help, but is happy to claim expenses for birthday cards he sends to 18- year-olds to try to get their votes.

What is more, he has yet to commit whether he will run for Labour’s mayoral candidacy while continuing to stand locally – are we to be dumped if a more powerful job comes up?

I am sick and tired of Labour supporters continuously claiming Britain has gone to the dogs since the Tories came to power.

And the previous 17 years have nothing to do with the state of our country?

How we were led into a war we did not want to go into, how we built up the largest state sector since the turn of the century and how taxes continued to rise simultaneously with public sector wastage and our national debt.

Wake up. We should actually be listening to the excellent work done by groups like the Taxpayers Alliance.

The key issues for our country are actually waste, corruption and nepotism. We have more than enough resources and tax revenue, but they are just misallocated, misused and those who represent us continue to be left non-accountable.

Tooting Bec