I write in support and praise of Nieves Carazo, whose letter about the Roehampton Partnership you published last week.

I was at the same meeting, and was astonished at the way it was conducted.

A score or so partnership members encircled a large table in a small room, barely leaving room for the seven or eight members of the public to attend, squashed between the backs of the partnership members and the walls.

The chairman led the proceedings in a whispered tone that was inaudible to me, and I suspect to other attendees.

Perhaps the partnership members have more facility in lipreading than me?

The plain message was that if people supposedly represented by the partnership had to insist on attending, then they would be tolerated, and no more.

I have lived since 2004 in Roehampton, and only heard of this partnership last year by chance.

In my opinion, it does not and to date does not wish to represent the mass of ordinary people in Roehampton and on the Alton estate, which I was also horrified to hear described by the New Labour councillor as not being able to “get any worse than it is now”.

This denigration comes ill from one who lives in a very expensive house way away from the estate, who to date has shown no interest in engaging with those who fear what the oncoming regeneration will entail for our community.

Roehampton Partnership, please start living up to your constitution and “work together with all sectors of the community”.