Sadiq Khan, pictured, is indeed a politician and is keen to become the Mayor of London, something not mentioned in Ms Ryan’s defence of Mr Khan letter (Sadiq is a politician ‘not out of touch’, April 30).

I see him as very ambitious (as most politicians are) and he never misses a photo-opportunity to the point of auditioning for “Where’s Wally”. About 35 pictures of him in one election brochure alone.

It is more than likely he has just been voted back in. If this is so, will he abandon Tooting for all of London?

A word about Dan Watkins, who I do not know. It is not his fault he grew up in "leafy Surrey", his parents’ choice not his.

I also grew up in leafy Surrey but now live in Tooting. Does this mean I should not vote because I do not understand issues facing Tooting?

As for admitting to enjoying himself in his younger days – did not we all? That is what youth is for.

And if he went to a grammar school it was because he was considered bright enough for a place. I do not see how that goes against him.