Mr McSweeney’s letter of May 7 regarding pavement cycling highlights how strongly people feel about how others travel through our borough.

Perhaps Mr McSweeney, and those who are frustrated by the numbers of people cycling on the pavement could support proposals that will make our roads safer for all.

In doing so people will be able to cycle in safety on the road, or in high quality cycle lanes thus leaving the pavements less encumbered by people cycling. I do not recall anyone being killed recently as a result of a cyclist/pedestrian collision.

Sadly over the bank holiday weekend, someone was killed in a hit-and-run incident near the Tooting Bec athletics track.

Sadly at present, council policy is to wait for three people to be killed or seriously injured on our roads before the engineers can look at improvements, or a major petition has to be submitted.

We are campaigning to change this.

Liberal Democrat activist