I was appalled to read Clara Hamlin’s account of her rape in Southfields last year.

What really distressed me apart from her ordeal was the fact she went to local workers for help and she was ignored and/or verbally abused by them.

I would like to know what businesses and services they were part of because I would certainly boycott them as I imagine many long term residents of Southfields would. I have lived in Southfields for over 30 years and have generally found it a safe and friendly place.

However, when this example of unhelpful and unkind behaviour raises its ugly head I believe it should be confronted by the community.

I wish Clara well for the future and hope that all the other perpetrators are found and exposed for their inhuman behaviour. Incidentally thank goodness for the positive help of that one person, and the quick and kind response of the police.



Editor’s note: Thank you for writing. It is not exactly clear, understandably, exactly where the people who spoke to Ms Hamlin in this manner were working, just that there were several people about at the time.