I was impressed with the courage of Clara Hamlin in speaking out about the terrifying rape in Southfields that she survived and was also pleased that one of her attackers was jailed for 10 years.

I was, however, shocked to read how several local businesses and their employees refused Ms Hamlin any assistance when she pleaded for help. Indeed, one employee was vicious to her in refusing to help.

I hope the very bad neighbours (a nearby newsagents and taxi office in Replingham Road near the flower stall where the attack took place were mentioned) are identified and held to account.

I hope Wandsworth Guardian will follow up to do this.

It surely should be a crime to ignore the plight of a victim – wilful disregard or similar. At the very least we should know who they are so as not give such callous businesses our custom.


Editor’s note: Thank you for writing. It is not exactly clear, understandably, exactly where the people who spoke to Ms Hamlin in this manner were working, just that there were several people about at the time.