An entrepreneurial teenager has invented the perfect timesaving cleaning product for muddy boots and shoes.

Arminder Singh Dhillon, 14, from Battersea, designed the Boot Buddy after too many frustrated hours spent cleaning his muddied football boots.

The lightbulb moment came when he considered combining the functionality of his usual go-to boot cleaning products - a toothbrush, knife and excessive water.

With the support of his parents Arminder drew the inception product, which then transformed into a 3D print prototype.

Arminder remarked of the experience: "It’s amazing to go from a drawing on a piece of paper to having boxes of the product in front of you. It’s an indescribable experience."

His portable creation promises to clean boots with just 300ml of water leaving them looking brand new in less than five minutes.

He has now sold 1,000 boot buddies, is in partnership with London Football Association and hopes to grow the business exponentially.

Arminder explained: "After university I hope to really push the Boot Buddy as my own business and I would look to expand just like my mum and dad did setting up their own business.

"I want to change the way boots are cleaned, to make a revolution. I want to make the Boot Buddy a well known household name."

You can buy a Boot Buddy for £19.99. For more information visit