I am pleased that David Kirk of the Wandsworth Society has raised concerns about the new digital advertising screens being erected in the borough (letters, May 28).

Last week the planning committee agreed two applications to provide large illuminated signs (2015 /0506 and 0507) despite some of us on the committee voting against.

I (and other Labour councillors) have been raising the need for a local planning policy on these large digital advertising screens placed by the roadside.

There are real concerns about traffic safety as well as the poor visual effect on our local environment.

The chairwoman of planning, Councillor Sarah McDermott, has agreed to reconsider this suggestion. Many people do not realise that these advertising screens are being used to generate considerable funds for the council. Councillors did ask for the exact income generation figures, at the planning committee, but we were told that figure was not being made public. I do hope the council will reconsider the need for a policy on these large advertising screens. Many people agree with Mr Kirk that these digital advertising should not be placed in our residential areas.

Member of the planning committee and councillor for Roehampton and Putney Heath