People living in Isis Street have been responding to the suggestion the "embarrassing" road name should be changed after its unfortunate appropriation by an group of Islamist extremists.

Wandsworth Times:

Homeowners in the Earlsfield street, where properties have sold for more than £1m, have got used to some raised eyebrows from taxi drivers since the rise of the terrorist group ISIS.

Now Philip Brand, who lives nearby in Tooting, has called on Wandsworth Council to change the road name.

He said: "Whenever I hear the name mentioned on the announcement system on local buses, there is always some adverse comment, a lot of people feel that the name is rather bad taste or inappropriate.

"Surely Wandsworth Council could change the name of this street to something more appropriate, as it must cause some embarrassment to its residents who have to put up with the unfortunate choice of name."

Isis is also the name of an Egyptian goddess, an Oxford rowing club and a dog in Downton Abbey (which was controversially killed off in series five).

David Francis, 36, who works in TV and lives in the street, said: "I can't say I would be particularly bothered if they did or didn't change its name.

"During the last year it's got more funny getting reactions from taxi drivers when you get nearer. It doesn't surprise me that people have suggested it."

He said people might want to change it if there was a "big attack in the centre of London", but he added - "I can't see that happening."

Builder Anthony Penderton, 22, who was working on a house in the street, said: "I don't have a problem with it.

"A name is a name. The road could have been called 'bomb it tomorrow' and it wouldn't be a problem for me."

The street was named more than 100 years ago in honour of the area's association with Magdalen College, Oxford, whose rowing club Isis practices on a stretch of the Thames known as Isis, according to Wandsworth Council.

Derrick Saker, 78, a retired mechanical engineer who has lived in the street for more than 30 years, said: "It doesn't really worry me.

"It's been here long enough. Depends how people feel about it but I wouldn't make an issue of it myself.

"I thought about it when they first came to prominence but then I forgot about it."

Wandsworth Times:

Emma Jones, 37, currently a full-time mother who is about to Raynes Park, said she had considered whether the name would affect house prices in the street.

She said: "It is unfortunate. I'm largely indifferent but I don't know if I would feel different if we weren't moving.

"I thought about if it would but off someone buying a house here but it wouldn't put me off."

A council spokesman said: "It has absolutely no connotation with the group your correspondent refers to, and whose days appear to be numbered.

"We have no current plans to change this name but if residents living there ask us to reconsider we will of course listen to what they say."

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