These are exciting times for fans of the beautiful game, with new versions of both superstar games in the football sim video game genre being released recently.

Vibe has been putting Fifa 16 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 through their paces, and here’s our view on how they each shape up.

Wandsworth Times:

Style of football

The main difference is the games offer very distinct styles of football.

Fifa is a more serious and realistic simulation. Its play is a bit slower, more challenging and cerebral – the emphasis is on possession football and cautious build-up play, carefully exposing opponents’ weaknesses and carving out chances.

PES has a crazier edge to it. It’s still a simulation but it’s much closer to the arcade side. Its action is faster and more free-flowing – with matches more end-to-end affairs and generally more high-scoring.

Wandsworth Times:


Each game offers an excellent football experience – which one you go for is down to personal preference, or which mood you’re in if you get both games.

One it comes to the overall package, Fifa is the king though.

For one, it has all the official licences so its team names, kits and stadia are much more authentic.

And secondly, Fifa comfortably outplays PES on game modes. It has women’s football this year, along with a superior ‘ultimate team’ mode and a better management/career mode.

Wandsworth Times:

Looks and sounds

Here’s another area where Fifa is top of the league.

Its player models and animations are of higher quality than in PES, and it generally has more polish and higher production values. From its menus to its match days, PES looks a little primitive in comparison.

Crowd chanting and in-game atmosphere are better in Fifa – though commentary in both games leaves a lot to be desired.

Wandsworth Times:


Pro Evo is hugely entertaining and there is much to admire about it – like Arsenal. And just like the Gunners every season, it comes up slightly short and has to watch someone else lift the title. Fifa still has the edge overall – but it’s a much closer championship[ race than we’ve seen in previous years.