Actors, comedians and political heavyweights have made a hunger-strike pledge in support of Shaker Aamer, the last British detainee at Guantanamo Bay.

Scottish stand up Frankie Boyle, actress Maxine Peak and MPs John McDonnell, Caroline Lucas and Tania Mathias are staging a 24-hour hunger protest on Thursday, October 15.

It marks the first day of the We Stand with Shaker campaign.

Mr Aamer, who has a wife and four children in Wandsworth, has been held for almost 14 years without charge or trial since he was captured in Afghanistan and denies accusations he was a close associate of Osama Bin Laden.

He was told on September 25 he would be released but US Congress must give 30 days’ notice before any prisoner can be freed from the prison in Cuba and Mr Aamer has embarked on a hunger strike to protest his alleged constant abuse.

"13 years too late" - Wandsworth's Shaker Aamer finally released from Guantanamo Bay

Twickenham MP Dr Mathias highlighted how Mr Aamer had his blood taken by force in August as an example of the abuse he has suffered.

She said: "As an Amnesty International supporter I am appalled by his imprisonment without charge and I am concerned that despite being cleared for release in 2007 by the US president he has not been released."

Wandsworth Times:

Shaker Aamer: Has been detained for almost 14 years

The hunger strike is intended to show solidarity with Mr Aamer, to encourage him to give up his own hunger strike and to keep the pressure on for his release.

He could be freed as early as October 24 but there are no guarantees of his release date.

Co-director of the We Stand With Shaker Campaign, Andy Worthington, said: "We very much hope that he will be released at the end of the 30-day period required by Congress before prisoners can be freed, but we will continue with the hunger strike if he is not.

"After nearly 14 years in US custody, treated brutally and never charged or tried, Shaker needs to be back with his family in London."

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Others taking part in the hunger strike include:

Shaker Aamer’s family 

Clive Stafford Smith (Mr Aamer's lawyer)

David Davis MP

John McDonnell MP

Tania Mathias MP

Caroline Lucas MP

Clive lewis MP

Andy Slaughter MP

Tom Brake MP

Lord Hylton

Frankie Boyle, comedian

Sara Pascoe, comedian

Medea Benjamin - co-founder Code Pink in America

Charlie Winston, musician

Harriet Walter, actress

Maxine Peake, actress

David Knopfler, musician

David Morrissey, actor

Mark Rylance, actor

Ed Asner, American actor

Yvonne Ridley

Joy Hurcombe - Chair of Save Shaker Aamer Campaign

Ibrahim Mogra Asst Sec Gen of MCB

Dr David Nicholl - long time campaigner and marathon runner for Shaker

Tom Davies - Stop Torture Campaign manager/Amnesty

Lucy Wake Shaker Political Relations Manager/Amnesty

Brandon Neely - ex Guantanamo guard

Joanne MacInnes co-founder We Stand With Shaker

Andy Worthington co-founder We Stand With Shaker