Shaker Aamer could be home with his family in Wandsworth in a matter of days, reports the Daily Mail.

Mr Aamer was told he would be released from Guantanamo Bay on September 25, but the US Congress must give 30 days' notice for any prisoned to leave the Cuban prison, and as yet he is not home. 

A Whitehall source said the practical details of Mr Aamer's release had caused the delays. 

September 25: Shaker's release announced

October 13: Hunger strikes start across the capital

In protest at the way he said he has been treated in the prison, Mr Aamer went on hunger strike, and was joined by MPs, celebrities and his family in a Fast for Shaker campaign. 

Andy Worthington, co-director of We Stand with Shaker and Fast for Shaker, said: "While are delighted to hear of Shaker Aamer's impending release, we remain cautious until his plane has touched down on UK soil and he is reunited with his family.

"There have been too many false promises over the years, since he was approved for release in 2007, under George W. Bush, and again under Barack Obama in January 2010.

"We are encouraging supporters to continue the Fast For Shaker that we started on October 15 until Shaker is back in the UK.

"Over 400 people, including celebrities, MPs and concerned citizens around the world, have been fasting for 24 hours in solidarity with Shaker since that date. 

"It is time that his long and completely unjustifiable ordeal is finally over."

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