A "very damaging" fake video sickeningly labelled as Muslims celebrating the Paris attacks outside Tooting Broadway station has spread around the internet.

The video is actually jubilant cricket fans celebrating a Pakistan victory in 2009.

It had initially been shared across Facebook and Youtube, but both sites have now removed it.

It can still be seen on the website Daily Motion with the title 'Muslims around the world celebrate the Islamic Victory in Paris, France'.

The video shows a large group of people waving flags, shouting and singing outside the tube station, with several people climbing the statue of Edward VII outside.

Imam Sulaiman, formerly of the Tooting Islamic centre, said: "This can be very damaging, it can really bring about escalation of tensions and cause harm in the community.

"People are in shock by the horrific actions of those people and suddenly you have people in Tooting 'celebrating' and people do not verify it or check.

"People should not be celebrating when there is crying and mourning."

The Imam also mentioned the passage in the Qu'ran which says that for anyone who takes the life of one innocent man, it would be like he took the lives of all humanity.

After the attacks, the Muslim Council of Britain’s secretary general Dr Shuja Shafi said: "The attacks once again in Paris are horrific and abhorrent, and we condemn this violence in the strongest possible terms. My thoughts and prayers for the families of those killed and injured and for the people of France, our neighbours.

"This attack is being claimed by the group calling themselves ‘Islamic State’. There is nothing Islamic about such people and their actions are evil, and outside the boundaries set by our faith.

"This week we have once again witnessed outrageous attacks be that in Beirut earlier in the week or Paris today - there is no justification for such carnage whatsoever. We hope the remaining people responsible are brought to justice and face the full force of the law."

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