Cries of "save our park" rang through the council forecourt on Tuesday evening as hundreds of protesters rallied against the return of Formula E to Battersea Park.

Wandsworth councillors on the community services overview and scrutiny committee voted along party lines, seven to four, to bring the controversial electric car racing event back to the borough.

Wandsworth Times:

Outside, members of several residents, political and protest groups waved banners and chanted against the return of the event.

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Neville Mignotte and David Stephenson, who both live near the park, joined the protest.

Mr Mignotte said: "I walk through the park five days a week - it is like a siege.

"They have so much money, this is greedy."

Mr Stephenson said: "I do not think any money is enough, this council does not need it."

James Jackson, a blind author who lives near to the park, joined with protesters before appealing to the committee.

He said: "We all think it is a stitch-up.

"We are planning our next action.

"We really think it is about time parks are directly represented in the chambers."

Wandsworth Times:

With Mr Jackson was Ulrike Frinke, who has lived in the borough for 25 years, and said she is happy with every other element of the council.

She said: "It was horrific.

"There were huge ground blocks being lugged in and trucks rumbling through, and fumes.

"It was just ridiculous.

"Clearly there is a buck to be made somewhere."

Dr Phyllis Conners, who lives in Prince of Wales Drive, said the disruption started in April and she was woken up by early morning lorries in June.

She said: "The three weeks before the race began it was clang, bang, clang, bang from 7.30am until 10.30 at night.

"It was unrelenting noise like I have never heard.

"I live there because it is peaceful.

"It was very underplayed.

"This is a public park and a public council. They owe more than this to the tax payers."

Protesters included members of the Wandsworth Green Party and even children.

Wandsworth Times:

Sophia, Porcha and Nicholas joined the rally with Andreas Heinsius.

The three of them said they walk through the park to school each day and thought the event was "completely inappropriate".