Bus drivers took to the streets in their fight for a place to pee.

The drivers were claiming there are not enough toilet facilities on the borough's bus routes.

Unite union members say there is nowhere for them to go to the toilet in Wandsworth on the 430 bus route, and that they now have to put pressure on the borough council's planning department to provide these.

Last Tuesday, a group of bus drivers, took placards and bottles of yellowed water to a protest outside the town hall.

The borough council said that it has not received any application to have toilets added to the route.

Joanne Harris, from the Unite branch committee, said: "Many routes in London do not have facilities and in this day and age it is totally unacceptable.

"The situation leads to embarrassment for bus drivers having to inform their passengers that they have to find a loo or, at night, risk being fined or worse, done for indecent exposure.

"We have been locked in battle for the toilet on this particular route for three years without any light at the end of the tunnel."

The group was joined in protest by the National Shop Stewards Network.

A spokesman for the council said: "The protest was somewhat premature because we have not received any planning application from either TfL or any of the bus companies for this kind of amenity.

"If they are able to identify and provide a suitable location for it then it will be considered in the normal way."

A spokesman for TfL confirmed that the organisation is working with the council, the bus operators and local residents, to put toilets on the 430 route.

Sadiq Khan MP for Tooting and London Mayoral candidate said "I am concerned to learn that bus drivers working out of the Danebury Avenue bus terminus in Roehampton have no access to toilet facilities and that Wandsworth Council has blocked requests to provide them.

"Wandsworth Council should listen to the protests and allow these workers the respect they deserve in the shape of proper sanitary provisions for both male and female bus drivers.

"As the son of a bus driver myself I know how hard bus drivers work and how important it is that they are treated with respect.

"It is a tough job they do and their local councils should do all they can to support them."